CHARLIE SHREM ARRESTED! This is a phenomenal milestone in Bitcoin’s history. Shrem has been around since Bitcoin was just knee-high, considered a real “OG” in the virtual currency’s evolution.

His hemorrhaging start up BITINSTANT was satoshis away from total failure when he was featured on Libertarian radio podcast to try stirring up some last minute interest in what he knew was ultimately an infallible service.

Fate and bitcoin get along well, and that day was no exception. Silicon Valley-born, Tokyo-based ex-pat Roger Ver (a/k/a “Bitcoin Jesus”) was on the train listening to Shrem’s broadcast and was instantly hooked.

His angel investing saved Bitinstant and Shrem, and Ver became intricately connected to the digicash revolution and the start up phenomenon fueled by it.

And now this?

Just when it looks like Bitcoin is going to squeeze past the hounds they start their howling and slobbering. What say Department of Homeland Security’s Chairman Carper reiterate his initial statements about the “whack-a-mole” futility following the resurrection of Silk Road only a month after the October 2013 take down.

As Colorado embraces the freedom of marijuana possession and distribution, and bitcoin’s toehold in the financial fabric of our crumbling civilization (looking like a savior in a pit of jackals and spooks), the necessity of remembering the fight isn’t yet won is underscored by Shrem’s arrest.

The split hairs of this argument could go on into infinity; suffice it to say that anyone who can somehow brilliantly convince a logically-thinking peer group that bitcoin somehow corners the market on drugs and Bad Things please, alert me.

As long as there are carbon-based organisms living in communal environments interacting on any level there will be transactions in exchange of goods and services, “good” and “bad” arguable at best (and for fools, imo).

Shrem, join the ranks of 21st century free speech/human rights martyrs! Gogulski, at least you don’t have to raise money for Charlie!

To the hounds: Heeeeeel.


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