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FBI Strikes Silk Road Again...FBI 4, Silk Road...2..?

SEARCH WARRANT from Silk Road admin/mod sweep

FREAK OUT: Fresh outa lock-up, the shell-shocked Silk Road admin/mods (3) got their first taste of what being a revolutionary in the year of our lord two thousand thirteen in the not-so-united states of america post the Great American Enabling of Wall Streets Frat Partying Psychopaths and MoneyJunkies

Collecting the documents associated with these seminal arrests of Silk Road will be more important than most realize; these kinds of cases will set precedent in the courts and will demand new, aggressive and challenging players. Bar will be raised, setting stage for monumental contests of wits and principles. The upcoming courtroom showdowns will become a spectator sport for Constitutional advocates. A brand new world of legal interpretation, using existing laws and testing their boundaries in ways potentially revitalizing to the damaged national psyche. Leave the Empire Behind…