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Roger Ver hit my radar earlier this year when I was prepping for a Penthouse Magazine feature on bitcoin. What I immediately learned about Ver was that he believed in bitcoin – and was eager to give a lesson, a tip, a nudge, whatever necessary, to get me (anyone) on the right path to bitcoin. For instance, he pointed out that there is Bitcoin, as a payment system, and there’s bitcoin, which is the protocol.

I urge you to listen to Ver beyond this video, which he made on December 30, 2013, just a few days ago. Donating a million buck’s worth of Bitcoin (at the current rate of $1100) to FEE, the company publishing books which fanned the flamed of his libertarian youth growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley, is only one of the countless things Ver has done to further this lil bitcoin that could.

As an angel investor to Charlie Shrem’s Bitinstant, to flanking venture capitalists with Satoshi Only Knows how many bitcoin startups, Ver is one of the “OG’s” of the bitcoin phenomenon.

Ver’s one of those “one-of-a-kind” individuals whose belief crosses the line…Ver doesn’t just believe, he knows.

That’s why, in addition to the label I was introduced to him as, “Bitcoin Jesus,” I added to – my “canary in the coal mine.”

Whenever I have been researching bitcoin/Bitcoin and writing about it, if there was ever a moment of doubt, I looked to Ver. He has never wavered.

So read Murray Rothbard, as he instructs – it will not disappoint.

And to Ver – my fellow praxeologist – I’m always watching you….

All the best, friend.


P.S. Thanks for the great Beanie Baby and brownies-as-fiat-currency background (stay tuned for elaboration)….