Libertarian TYCHY, “Reflections Upon Contemporary Events”


I am a libertarian in everything but name. I do like the name but it rolls off the tongue with a ringing eighteenth-century magnificence which is very hard for somebody as modest and unassuming as myself to live up to. Calling myself a libertarian may seem a little like donning giants’ robes, but in believing that one cannot be a complete human being without unrestricted freedom, I am nonetheless, I suppose, a libertarian.

Last week’s shutdown of the Silk Road black market website by the FBI should be bad news for libertarians, but I find myself sharing in the general indifference to its demise. I do not think that its hitherto-anonymous founder, the “Dread Pirate Roberts,” should be banged up or his website shut down. Yet the Dread Pirate did relatively little to further the cause of liberty, and Silk Road instead signified an abandonment of democracy and revolutionary change…

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