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“I am so excited about Bitcoins. Absolutely fantastic chance for people to have financial privacy and to basically control their own finances. Basically when you are using USD the US government can still control everything that happens to it, they can inflate it take it out of your bank acct, but with bitcoin it is a mathematical impossibility for those things to happen. You can have 100 participant control, 100% control, I couldn’t possibly be more excited about a system like that and I think it’s going to revolutionize the world.”


On a November 26, 2011 radio interview with Libertarian News, the host prefaces the broadcast by saying they don’t usually do interviews but are making an exception with Roger Ver. Tip-toeing delicately over the Bitcoin topic, the host is poised to set Ver free – a pitbull on a porkchop, ready to devour the audience before him and be devoured by it. His enthusiasm shivers out of his voice, as if from the vocal chords of a high-strung, mega-caffeinated Type A Alpha Male with a gene pool rife with Silicon Valley DNA.