Creative ways to add Bitcoin to your wallet

Bitcoin Wallet

I’ve been experimenting with Bitcoin now for a few weeks.  Since installing my wallet I’ve looked for creative ways to get those elusive Bitcoins into my wallet.  Internet searches will show you many ways of earning Bitcoin; faucets, tasks, giveaways, pay-per-visit sites, and even gambling sites are popping up. With the exception of gambling I’ve tried my hand at each of these and came up with a short list of success stories.

Faucets:  Bitcoin faucets are sites that offer very small amounts of Bitcoin just for visiting the site and entering a captcha phrase.  There are hundreds of these sites!  Each has a different method of calculating the BC you earned and also method of payout.  For example one site I visited paid a certain amount per visit, but would only pay out to your once you’ve reached a specific amount.   I wont recommend any site as there are way…

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